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Satori Holographic Cat Eye Gel Laser

Satori Holographic Cat Eye Gel Laser

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Satori is proud of launching the Holographic Cat Eye Laser Effect. Apply it on top of your favorite Satori Diamond Gel Colors or new Gel Colors from your favorite brand. Definitely, you will achieve a whole new look when your nail is done. This premium top coat has a light grey coated bottle to easily identify that it is our Holographic Cat Eye. The built-in magnet inside the color indicator. No more losing your magnets when doing a cat eye. Your traditional Cat Eye has a full coverage effect not allowing colors to show through.

How to use: 

Step 1: Shake Satori Max Strengthen Gel Basecoat vigorously then apply a thin coat. Cap the free edge to prevent chipping cure 30 seconds in the LED Light or cure 1 minute in the UV Light.

Step 2: Shake Satori Diamond GelColor gel nail polish shade of choice (210+ shades of color available) to thoroughly mix pigment, this will allow even color application and avoid patchiness, apply a very thin coat of color and cure for 30 seconds in the LED Light or cure 1 minute in the UV Light.

Step 3: Applied Holographic Cat Eye Gel Laser Effect 

Step 4: Use the Magnet to adjust the cat eye position on your nail. 


  • Easy-to-apply.
  • Easy-to-soak-off.
  • Competitive price.
  • Eco-friendly, odorless. 
  • Quick service time.
  • Lightweight feel on fingers.
  • Finish your gel manicure/pedicure quickly without wiping Alcohol. 
  • Up to 3 weeks of intensive shine wear and stay-true color.
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